About Us

We are Manufacturers of Wooden and Metal Fabricated products Like Picket Fence, Pencil Fencing, Barb Wired Fencing, Canopies, Pergola, Dog Kennel, Garden Furniture etc.,

We started our venture in 2011 and have delivered quality products since then to our customers.

At Uno Ventures our focus is to provide quality products at affordable cost to the customers.

Some of our Customers are, KIDZEE, PDD INFRATECH, AZELIA KIDS, MC DONALDS to name a few.

We are constantly evolving and bringing new and innovative solutions to life. Our vision is to bring products which adds value to mankind’s lifestyle.

And when you buy our wooden products you should know that you are buying a green furniture which is eco friendly.

We specialize in building furniture out of pine wood and this wood is a renewable source of raw material and environmental friendly as the whole tree grows in less than ten year and captures worlds pollution that is CO2.

By burning this wood we would rather cause more damage by releasing all the CO2 already captured in the wood, by making furniture out of this we will keep the CO2 intact inside our furnitures and fence.

About Souther Yellow Pine Wood


Known as one of the strongest, most versatile species of wood, Southern Pine, also commonly called Southern Yellow Pine.

Industry experts say Southern Yellow Pine’s density makes it the strongest softwood structural lumber species. That strength means it’s got ideal load-bearing capacity and fastener-holding ability.

The Klin Dried weight of Southern Yellow Pine Lumbar with 12 to 15% moisture per cubic meter is between 525 to 625 Kilo Grams on an Average.

Naturally Beautiful

Left natural or stained, Southern Yellow Pine’s wood grain pattern and golden color provides visual interest and a high quality look. That’s what makes pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine a great option for decking and other construction projects.

Property Fencing