Pine Wood – Picket Fence.

WPC – Picket Fence – WPC stands for Wood Polymer Composite it is a material made up of Wooden particles bonded with Polymers and chemicals to make a excellent water proof and warp proof qualities that can be used outdoors for picket fence.

PVC – Picket Fence – PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride it is a material made up of Recycled Plastic which is very good for outdoor use as it is water proof, fire resistant, eco friendly etc.

RFCB – Picket Fence – RFCB stands for Reinforced Fiber Cement Board as the name says it is a engineered Cement Board and is good for outdoor use as it is also all weather proof.

Trellis Fence or Lattice Fence – It is a material made up of PVC and used as privacy fence as the gap is only 1 inch and is made in a criss cross pattern.

Bamboo Fencing – Is a Natural Material and looks great in Green Color its Natural Golden Yellow color.

All are durable and can be used for Out Door Fencing purposes.

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