Pricing and Specification

Offer valid till 30th September 2017.


There are Eight Different shapes of Picket Fences available with us.

Virginia Gothic, French Gothic and Gothic are Expensive than the other common shapes as they are Labor Intensive Designs.

Application : Barricading the Garden in Residence, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges, Resorts, Pik Nik Spots, Hill Stations Etc.,

Material : Made of American Pine Wood ( Southern Yellow Pine)

Life of Wood : Pine Wood has shelf life of 20 Years if Proper care is taken it may last for a Life time.

Height Available: 2 feet, 2.5 feet, 3 feet, 3.5 feet, 4 feet, 4.5 feet, & 5 feet.

Thickness of Pickets is 14 Milli meter  and the regular width is 70 Milli meter and height is customization according to your requirement.

Support Bar thickness is 25 Milli meter and the width is 70 Milli meter.

Legs of picket fence thickness is 40 Milli meter and the width is 70 Milli meter.

Price : 500* Rupees per Square feet plus taxes.

Multiple Colors for Play Schools like the above image will cost 40 Rupees Per Square feet Extra.

Out Station Transport/Freight at Actual Extra.

Out Station Installation Charges at Actual Extra.

Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Sqft. (Area is Calculated Total Running Feet Multiplied by Total Height)

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