New Picket Fence installation in Vakil Garden City Kanakpura Road Bangalore


This a 4 feet picket fence we have recently completed in one of the villa located in Vakil Garden City. This beautiful classical duplex building is being constructed very uniquely by a civil engineer (Owner).

In Vakil Garden City the theme is to install Picket Fence made of Either, Concreate, Metal, wood or other materials. But Picket fence is a must around the building.

Our Customer who is a veteran Civil Engineer called us as we are the only professional picket fencing company dealing with Wooden Picket Fence and told he wants a good picket fence around his house and he asked us what material to use, we told natural is best and economical and asked him to go with wooden picket fence and the result is shown in the pictures above, House that is looking magnificent and out standing.

If you also want such a stunning Picket Fence around your House. Please contact us on +91 9986519538.

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