PVC Picket Fence done for TV anchor and Big Boss Winner Mr. Akul Balaji

This PVC Picket fence was done for a famous TV Anchor of South Cinema and BIGG BOSS winner Mr. Akul Balaji.

To know more about Mr. Akul Balaji click below link.


To our Surprise Mr. Akul Balaji Called us one day for picket fence and enquired about picket fencing options. We went to meet him at his residence and understood his busy schedule and requirement and suggested him PVC picket fence as it is maintenance free and all weather proof.

He quickly decided and asked us to go ahead with PVC Picket fence and we delivered on time as promised and he was very much delighted and referred us to his neighbour who also got his lawn picket fenced from us. He also told he would highly recommend us to his friends and family.

We are happy to have another happy and satisfied customer.

Bamboo Fence done at Prestige Bougainvillea Whitefield.

This Bamboo fence is done at “Prestige Bougainvillea” Whitefield Bangalore.

Customer was from USA and wanted to fence their Lawn to keep their American breed pet Dog within their lawn and at the same time wanted to keep the natural greenery that was maintained at the villa by their association, we suggested customer to go with Bamboo fence as it is natural and helps maintain the greenery too.

And as explained by the customer, This special breed Dog has the capacity to jump over 5 feet and they wanted some design which can prevent it from jumping over, so we told customer that we will make a fence in such a way that their pet cannot jump over the fence. You can see the fence is tilting on top at a 45° angle towards inside.

Customer entrusted this work to us and we completed this work in 3 weeks time despite over powering rains that was flooding most part of the city.

Finally customer was happy and satisfied with the fence and we are glad to have another happy customer.

If you are also interested in Bamboo fence do contact us on +91 9986519538 or email us at sales@unopicketfence.com and we will be glad to do it.

Picket Fence Installed for Little Ville Preschool in Dollars Colony

This Picket Fence is Installed for a Play School called “Little Ville a Premium Preschool” Located in Dollars Colony, Bangalore.

Customer called us and told they have limited time to start the play school and wanted the picket fence urgently. we told we need some time to give a good finish so they said we can give 10 days time.

We supplied right on time and finished installation the following day and the customer was so happy to see the finished picket fence and told he would recommend us to his franchisee and also his friends.

We at “Uno Ventures” focus on customer satisfaction. We are happy we have another happy and satisfied customer.


New Picket Fence installation in Vakil Garden City Kanakpura Road Bangalore


This a 4 feet picket fence we have recently completed in one of the villa located in Vakil Garden City. This beautiful classical duplex building is being constructed very uniquely by a civil engineer (Owner).

In Vakil Garden City the theme is to install Picket Fence made of Either, Concreate, Metal, wood or other materials. But Picket fence is a must around the building.

Our Customer who is a veteran Civil Engineer called us as we are the only professional picket fencing company dealing with Wooden Picket Fence and told he wants a good picket fence around his house and he asked us what material to use, we told natural is best and economical and asked him to go with wooden picket fence and the result is shown in the pictures above, House that is looking magnificent and out standing.

If you also want such a stunning Picket Fence around your House. Please contact us on +91 9986519538.

Wooden picket fence Installed in Indiranagar

Hi, Above is a Picket Fence is Installed in Indiranagar Bangalore, It is White Wooden Pickets Installed on Top of a MS Steel Frame using Self Drill Screws.

Using MS Steel Frame we can Install the pickets in curve shape like in the above picture.

So, If you have a curve landscape, we want to let you know that we can create picket fence along the curves also.

If you are interested in Picket Fence please call +91 9986519538 or email:  support@unopicketfence.com



White Wooden Picket Fence Installed in Vakil Garden City

This is a White Wooden Picket Fence Installed in one of the villa in Vakil Garden City a Premium Gated community in Kanakapura Road Bangalore.

This Gated Community has a theme of picket fence for all villas and some independent villas have installed Concrete picket fence and some have installed Iron Picket Fence and Some Have installed FRP or PVC Picket Fence. Over a period of just two years the problem faced by the villa owners is Concrete picket fence at places has fallen down and they are not able to find replacements for that. and some who have installed FRP or PVC Picket fence has faded out due to hot sun and looks dull. Some have installed Iron Picket Fence those fences have rusted and looks rusty.

So the customer who ordered this from us had clear idea what he wanted to install after seeing all this problems.

So, customer called us and ordered for wooden white picket fence. we delivered and installed the above picket fence all around the villa.

Advantage of Wooden Picket Fence is that (1.) It is flexible than Concrete, So, chances of breaking is very minute (2.) It has a very long life  (3.) Even if it breaks the Pickets can be replaced (4.) One’s Painted you need not worry about rusting and you need to repaint it only one’s in 5 years. (5.) Wooden Picket Fence does not fade or rust in Hot Sun or Rain like Plastic. (6.) Ultimately that is the reason Picket Fences were made out of wood . (7.) Wooden Picket Fence is Eco Friendly. (8.) It is cheaper that PVC or FRP Picket Fences but better than them.

Customer initially thought that wood will be weak and fragile after installation it was rigid and strong like stone.

If you are interested in Picket Fence please call +91 9986519538 or email:  support@unopicketfence.com

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