Picket Fencing done for Premium Play School CLENODIUM HORAMAVU

This Picket Fencing was done for a Premium Play school called “CLENODIUM” located in Horamavu inside “SLS SPENCER Villament”

The Pre-School Owner’s were very clear on the safety parameters and wanted us to do the picket fencing keeping safety for children in Mind.

Here we have done the permanent partitions for classroom using picket fence which we have not done anywhere so far.

We have also made movable picket fence barricades which can create a temporary play area for children to play outdoors.

A metal fabricated pergola was also installed on the top of classroom and we painted it with the school Logo/theme colors.

It all came out well as expected by the customer and they were very happy. We are glad to have another satisfied Customer.

If you are also looking for a picket fence please call us +91 9986519538 or email to sales@unopicketfence.com

Picket Barricase

Picket Fence Barricade

Picket fence barricade

Picket Fence Barricade

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