Picket Fence Installed at Paws Pet Store

Paws Pet Store

This Picket Fence was ordered by well known pet shop in Bangalore called “Paws” in Indira Nagar, they wanted to do something unique and catchy and contacted us for a picket fence.  This wooden fence is a set of four individual panels free standing with a 16 inch stand. The customer wanted to keep the fence inside the store when they are closing the store and when opening they can quickly place the panels outside the shop. The wooden fence is made up of pine wood and painted off white enamel paint to give that classic look, the height of this fence is just two feet. each panel is less than 10 kilo grams of weight thanks to the nature of pine wood which is light in weight and has high strength to weight ratio.

If you are interested in Picket Fence please call +91 9986519538 or email:  support@unopicketfence.com


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