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Bamboo Fence done at Prestige Bougainvillea Whitefield.

This Bamboo fence is done at “Prestige Bougainvillea” Whitefield Bangalore.

Customer was from USA and wanted to fence their Lawn to keep their American breed pet Dog within their lawn and at the same time wanted to keep the natural greenery that was maintained at the villa by their association, we suggested customer to go with Bamboo fence as it is natural and helps maintain the greenery too.

And as explained by the customer, This special breed Dog has the capacity to jump over 5 feet and they wanted some design which can prevent it from jumping over, so we told customer that we will make a fence in such a way that their pet cannot jump over the fence. You can see the fence is tilting on top at a 45° angle towards inside.

Customer entrusted this work to us and we completed this work in 3 weeks time despite over powering rains that was flooding most part of the city.

Finally customer was happy and satisfied with the fence and we are glad to have another happy customer.

If you are also interested in Bamboo fence do contact us on +91 9986519538 or email us at sales@unopicketfence.com and we will be glad to do it.