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Picket Fence for a Residence in Whitefield


P f 3

This Picket Fence was installed in one of the residence near Hope Farm Circle near white field in Bangalore.

Customer had a Imported Dog and wanted to Keep the dog in special place, so we made a dog Kennel and barricaded it with a picket fence to allow the dog to roam free inside the fence.

This wood fence is a combination of wood and metal, firstly the metal is fabricated and fixed, then the pickets are mounted on the fabricated metal frame.

This picket fence has been varnished clear coat so it reflects the natural beautiful wood grains of the pine wood.

Customer was happy to see the finish of the picket fence.

Picket Fence Installed at KIDZEE CARMELARAM

This Picket Fence was made for Kidzee Carmelaram Branch in Bangaluru.

Our Customer wanted a colourful picket fence for their Play school and these picket fence is mainly used to prevent kids from wandering to unwanted places.

As you can see below in the image we have made a Z shaped frame half door picket fence, this is used to keep the main door closed at the same time keep children from going out of the room.

Customer gave us a week’s time to finish the work and we delivered as per the timelines promised and the customer was happy.




Picket Gate 1

Picket Gate 2

If you are interested in Picket Fence please call +91 9986519538 or email:  support@unopicketfence.com

Picket Fence installed at Azalea Kids Manyata TP Bangalore

Azalea Kids a new Kids School in Bangalore Manyata Tech Park were looking for that ultimate touch to complete their final touch ups to their Kids Play school and contacted us to make Picket Fence for them, We delivered within a week and completed the project.

They too were short of time to launch their school and told us to fix the fence in least possible time.

we quickly got on to the job supplied wooden fence within 4 days and installed it immediately.

The movement we fixed the fence the entire building came to life as if a king is crowned.

Azalea Kids owner had a clear idea that they had to fix a picket fence for their play school but did not know how to build a wood fence and was looking for a solutions on website  They said they had no idea that some one would be available to do picket fence in India and thought it would be expensive.

we gave them a very good fence for low cost, so they were happy says the owner of Azalea kids.

Azalea Kids

Fencing before painting.



Fencing after painting.


If you are interested in Picket Fence please call +91 9986519538 or email:  support@unopicketfence.com