Picket Fence Installed in Sarjapura

This Picket Fence painted clear Varnish is done at a villa in Sarjapura, Bangalore. inside a gated community.

This Fence is completely made up of pine wood and is mounted inside the ground using concrete and a retaining wall is constructed to increase the strength and look of the fencing.

Picket Fence is a low cost yet a beautiful solution for enclosing the boundaries of your independent villas, where constructing a wall is not possible.

Picket fence offers a see through wall that eliminates unwanted foot fall of humans and animals on to your lawn or garden.

Pine wood’s Golden Color look in the above picture is natural there is no color mixing done, which is one of the best properties of the wood along with its excellent structural strength.

If you are interested in Picket Fence please call +91 9986519538 or email:  support@unopicketfence.com

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