White Wooden Picket Fence Installed in Vakil Garden City

This is a White Wooden Picket Fence Installed in one of the villa in Vakil Garden City a Premium Gated community in Kanakapura Road Bangalore.

This Gated Community has a theme of picket fence for all villas and some independent villas have installed Concrete picket fence and some have installed Iron Picket Fence and Some Have installed FRP or PVC Picket Fence. Over a period of just two years the problem faced by the villa owners is Concrete picket fence at places has fallen down and they are not able to find replacements for that. and some who have installed FRP or PVC Picket fence has faded out due to hot sun and looks dull. Some have installed Iron Picket Fence those fences have rusted and looks rusty.

So the customer who ordered this from us had clear idea what he wanted to install after seeing all this problems.

So, customer called us and ordered for wooden white picket fence. we delivered and installed the above picket fence all around the villa.

Advantage of Wooden Picket Fence is that (1.) It is flexible than Concrete, So, chances of breaking is very minute (2.) It has a very long life¬† (3.) Even if it breaks the Pickets can be replaced (4.) One’s Painted you need not worry about rusting and you need to repaint it only one’s in 5 years. (5.) Wooden Picket Fence does not fade or rust in Hot Sun or Rain like Plastic. (6.) Ultimately that is the reason Picket Fences were made out of wood . (7.) Wooden Picket Fence is Eco Friendly. (8.) It is cheaper that PVC or FRP Picket Fences but better than them.

Customer initially thought that wood will be weak and fragile after installation it was rigid and strong like stone.

If you are interested in Picket Fence please call +91 9986519538 or email:  support@unopicketfence.com

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