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Picket Fencing done for Premium Play School CLENODIUM HORAMAVU

This Picket Fencing was done for a Premium Play school called “CLENODIUM” located in Horamavu inside “SLS SPENCER Villament”

The Pre-School Owner’s were very clear on the safety parameters and wanted us to do the picket fencing keeping safety for children in Mind.

Here we have done the permanent partitions for classroom using picket fence which we have not done anywhere so far.

We have also made movable picket fence barricades which can create a temporary play area for children to play outdoors.

A metal fabricated pergola was also installed on the top of classroom and we painted it with the school Logo/theme colors.

It all came out well as expected by the customer and they were very happy. We are glad to have another satisfied Customer.

If you are also looking for a picket fence please call us +91 9986519538 or email to

Picket Barricase

Picket Fence Barricade

Picket fence barricade

Picket Fence Barricade

White Picket Fencing done for a villa in Hiranandani, Devanahalli

This Picket fence is installed for a villa in Hiranandani, Devanahalli.

Here Pine wood pickets are attached to Mild Steel Gate using self tapping screws.

Customer wanted Picket GatesĀ  for his car parking, and Main Entrance, So we have created a Total of 6 Gates and was Installed, out of which 4 are fold-able gates.

Picket Gates are an excellent option for Car parking area’s and front entrance. Picket Gates cost 500 Rs Per Sqft including Installation.

So, if you are looking for a unique gate design that stands out from the ordinary, Picket gates could be the best solution for you.

Please contact us if you have similar requirements.

PVC Picket fencing done for a villa in Shobha Lifestyle Devanahalli.

This is a PVC Picket Fence done for a independent villa in “Shobha Life Style” Located on IVC Road in Devanahalli, Greater Bangalore.

Height of this Picket Fence is 3 Feet, Customer wanted us to provide a Arched Entrance to Grow Creepers which we have provided.

Before Installing Picket Fence this Lawn looked small but after installing the Picket Fence the area looked much Bigger and Better.

Customer was so happy after seeing the finished fence he told us he will highly recommend us to his neighbours and his friends and even the Shobha villa supervisor told he would contact us for any future requirements.

We are glad to have another Happy and Satisfied Customer.


PVC Picket Fence done for TV anchor and Big Boss Winner Mr. Akul Balaji

This PVC Picket fence was done for a famous TV Anchor of South Cinema and BIGG BOSS winner Mr. Akul Balaji.

To know more about Mr. Akul Balaji click below link.

To our Surprise Mr. Akul Balaji Called us one day for picket fence and enquired about picket fencing options. We went to meet him at his residence and understood his busy schedule and requirement and suggested him PVC picket fence as it is maintenance free and all weather proof.

He quickly decided and asked us to go ahead with PVC Picket fence and we delivered on time as promised and he was very much delighted and referred us to his neighbour who also got his lawn picket fenced from us. He also told he would highly recommend us to his friends and family.

We are happy to have another happy and satisfied customer.