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Picket Fence Installed at Kidzee NRI Layout

This Picket Fence has been Installed at KIDZEE NRI Layout.

Our customer wanted to use the car parking area in building as kids play area and wanted to barricade the parking area with picket fence and also near the stair case they wanted picket fence to be installed for safety reasons. we had installed a total of three gates near the stair case and put up a fence to the open stair case and two long picket fence panels which was otherwise looking too dangerous for a play school before installing the wooden picket fence.

The picket fence was made up of pine wood imported from America. a special wood called souther yellow pine and the pickets were painted in Lemon Yellow and Royal blue paint.

We delivered as per customers expectation and they were happy.


Picket Fencing

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Picket Fence Installed at Paws Pet Store

Paws Pet Store

This Picket Fence was ordered by well known pet shop in Bangalore called “Paws” in Indira Nagar, they wanted to do something unique and catchy and contacted us for a picket fence.  This wooden fence is a set of four individual panels free standing with a 16 inch stand. The customer wanted to keep the fence inside the store when they are closing the store and when opening they can quickly place the panels outside the shop. The wooden fence is made up of pine wood and painted off white enamel paint to give that classic look, the height of this fence is just two feet. each panel is less than 10 kilo grams of weight thanks to the nature of pine wood which is light in weight and has high strength to weight ratio.

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Picket Fence installed at Azalea Kids Manyata TP Bangalore

Azalea Kids a new Kids School in Bangalore Manyata Tech Park were looking for that ultimate touch to complete their final touch ups to their Kids Play school and contacted us to make Picket Fence for them, We delivered within a week and completed the project.

They too were short of time to launch their school and told us to fix the fence in least possible time.

we quickly got on to the job supplied wooden fence within 4 days and installed it immediately.

The movement we fixed the fence the entire building came to life as if a king is crowned.

Azalea Kids owner had a clear idea that they had to fix a picket fence for their play school but did not know how to build a wood fence and was looking for a solutions on website  They said they had no idea that some one would be available to do picket fence in India and thought it would be expensive.

we gave them a very good fence for low cost, so they were happy says the owner of Azalea kids.

Azalea Kids

Fencing before painting.



Fencing after painting.


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