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Wooden picket fence Installed in Indiranagar

Hi, Above is a Picket Fence is Installed in Indiranagar Bangalore, It is White Wooden Pickets Installed on Top of a MS Steel Frame using Self Drill Screws.

Using MS Steel Frame we can Install the pickets in curve shape like in the above picture.

So, If you have a curve landscape, we want to let you know that we can create picket fence along the curves also.

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White Wooden Picket Fence Installed in Vakil Garden City

This is a White Wooden Picket Fence Installed in one of the villa in Vakil Garden City a Premium Gated community in Kanakapura Road Bangalore.

This Gated Community has a theme of picket fence for all villas and some independent villas have installed Concrete picket fence and some have installed Iron Picket Fence and Some Have installed FRP or PVC Picket Fence. Over a period of just two years the problem faced by the villa owners is Concrete picket fence at places has fallen down and they are not able to find replacements for that. and some who have installed FRP or PVC Picket fence has faded out due to hot sun and looks dull. Some have installed Iron Picket Fence those fences have rusted and looks rusty.

So the customer who ordered this from us had clear idea what he wanted to install after seeing all this problems.

So, customer called us and ordered for wooden white picket fence. we delivered and installed the above picket fence all around the villa.

Advantage of Wooden Picket Fence is that (1.) It is flexible than Concrete, So, chances of breaking is very minute (2.) It has a very long life  (3.) Even if it breaks the Pickets can be replaced (4.) One’s Painted you need not worry about rusting and you need to repaint it only one’s in 5 years. (5.) Wooden Picket Fence does not fade or rust in Hot Sun or Rain like Plastic. (6.) Ultimately that is the reason Picket Fences were made out of wood . (7.) Wooden Picket Fence is Eco Friendly. (8.) It is cheaper that PVC or FRP Picket Fences but better than them.

Customer initially thought that wood will be weak and fragile after installation it was rigid and strong like stone.

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Picket Fence Installed in Sarjapura

This Picket Fence painted clear Varnish is done at a villa in Sarjapura, Bangalore. inside a gated community.

This Fence is completely made up of pine wood and is mounted inside the ground using concrete and a retaining wall is constructed to increase the strength and look of the fencing.

Picket Fence is a low cost yet a beautiful solution for enclosing the boundaries of your independent villas, where constructing a wall is not possible.

Picket fence offers a see through wall that eliminates unwanted foot fall of humans and animals on to your lawn or garden.

Pine wood’s Golden Color look in the above picture is natural there is no color mixing done, which is one of the best properties of the wood along with its excellent structural strength.

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Picket Fence

Picket Fencing


Picket Fencing is Mostly used as garden fencing and is made up of series of wooden fence panels, picket fence, is generally painted in white color so people call it as white picket fence also.

For Play schools we make coloured picket fence this gives a unique ambience to the play school along with providing necessary safety to children.

Picket fence or the wooden fence is made up of Pine wood imported from America this wood is white in color with light golden grains. It is also called Southern Yellow Pine,  as it is grown in the souther region of American states.

Pine wood is known for its high strength to weight ratio, which means the wood is high in strength and low in weight. Pine wood has a natural substance called pine oil which prevents termites from attacking the wood.

Pine lumber which we are using for making picket fence is Klin Dried and chemically treated and certified with ISPM 15  (International Measure for Phytosanitary Measures) Standards which ensure the wood is free from any parasites and gives long life.

Picket fence can be either ordered with clear finish or painted white color or in multiple colours as per your likes.

Clear Varnished picket fence will look like below image, those who love the natural wood grains may order this finish, varnish also equally protects the wood from all weather conditions like enamel paint.

Varnished Look

Known as one of the strongest, most versatile species of wood, Industry experts say Southern Yellow Pine’s density makes it the strongest softwood structural lumber species. That strength means it’s got ideal load-bearing capacity and fastener-holding ability.

The Klin Dried weight of Southern Yellow Pine Lumbar with 12 to 15% moisture per cubic meter is between 525 to 625 Kilo Grams on an Average.

Naturally Beautiful

Left natural or stained, Southern Yellow Pine’s wood grain pattern and golden color provides visual interest and a high quality look. That’s what makes pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine a great option for decking and other construction projects.

The Minimum order quantity for ordering Picket fence is 100 square feet. The Square feet is calculated on total running feet multiplied by height of the picket fence. for example let us say your lawn or garden is 10 feet square and you want to install fence on all four side then the total running feet will be 10 multiplied by 4 equals to 40 feet and you want the fence height to be 4 feet that becomes 40 running feet multiplied by 4 equals to 160 square feet.

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Picket Fence made for Mc Donalds



This Picket Fence was made for Mc. Donalds in Chennai.

Mc Donalds wanted to set up a restaurant in a mall in Chennai, India with out damaging the flooring and they found us on website and called us to make them a picket fence for their restaurant.

The Picket fencing done for mcdonald was a series of wood picket panels assembled in a way to look like a fence around the mcdonals kiosk.

Mc Donald’s Bangalore branch called us and said they have limited time and they wanted a wood picket fence for their restaurant and  gave us the floor plan.

The Height of the fence is just 2 feet and has a stand 16 inches long it prevents the picket from falling down even when it is free standing.

We delivered as per the plan and within promised delivery date and they sent us back a picture from Chennai appreciating our work.

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Picket Fence for a Residence in Whitefield


P f 3

This Picket Fence was installed in one of the residence near Hope Farm Circle near white field in Bangalore.

Customer had a Imported Dog and wanted to Keep the dog in special place, so we made a dog Kennel and barricaded it with a picket fence to allow the dog to roam free inside the fence.

This wood fence is a combination of wood and metal, firstly the metal is fabricated and fixed, then the pickets are mounted on the fabricated metal frame.

This picket fence has been varnished clear coat so it reflects the natural beautiful wood grains of the pine wood.

Customer was happy to see the finish of the picket fence.

Picket Fence Installed at KIDZEE CARMELARAM

This Picket Fence was made for Kidzee Carmelaram Branch in Bangaluru.

Our Customer wanted a colourful picket fence for their Play school and these picket fence is mainly used to prevent kids from wandering to unwanted places.

As you can see below in the image we have made a Z shaped frame half door picket fence, this is used to keep the main door closed at the same time keep children from going out of the room.

Customer gave us a week’s time to finish the work and we delivered as per the timelines promised and the customer was happy.




Picket Gate 1

Picket Gate 2

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Picket Fence Installed at Kidzee NRI Layout

This Picket Fence has been Installed at KIDZEE NRI Layout.

Our customer wanted to use the car parking area in building as kids play area and wanted to barricade the parking area with picket fence and also near the stair case they wanted picket fence to be installed for safety reasons. we had installed a total of three gates near the stair case and put up a fence to the open stair case and two long picket fence panels which was otherwise looking too dangerous for a play school before installing the wooden picket fence.

The picket fence was made up of pine wood imported from America. a special wood called souther yellow pine and the pickets were painted in Lemon Yellow and Royal blue paint.

We delivered as per customers expectation and they were happy.


Picket Fencing

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Picket Fence Installed at Paws Pet Store

Paws Pet Store

This Picket Fence was ordered by well known pet shop in Bangalore called “Paws” in Indira Nagar, they wanted to do something unique and catchy and contacted us for a picket fence.  This wooden fence is a set of four individual panels free standing with a 16 inch stand. The customer wanted to keep the fence inside the store when they are closing the store and when opening they can quickly place the panels outside the shop. The wooden fence is made up of pine wood and painted off white enamel paint to give that classic look, the height of this fence is just two feet. each panel is less than 10 kilo grams of weight thanks to the nature of pine wood which is light in weight and has high strength to weight ratio.

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